Axendo’s Director for Türkiye, Ozgur Aksoy participated in GTR Türkiye held in Istanbul last week.

This event provided Turkish corporates, financiers and investors with a key opportunity to make invaluable business contacts and learn from leading figures in Turkish trade. Over 50 trade and export finance speakers discussed key trends in finance and trade during GTR Türkiye. The conference offered critical insights into emerging trade flows, market hotspots, developments in SME and corporate credit facilities and shifts in finance, lender and industry greening.

Despite a challenging trade and financing climate, Türkiye continues to defy expectations, demonstrating resilience and maintaining a positive trajectory for exports and recovery. However, new challenges will emerge with global elections potentially causing trade-based disruptions and wider geopolitical risks threatening further splintering of trade flows. The nation’s corporate businesses, including producers and traders, are central to the success of Türkiye’s exports, driving demand across domestic supply chains and expanding Türkiye’s footprint in international trade.
Ozgur Aksoy gained valuable insights from high-level discussions at the event and built crucial market connections while networking GTR Türkiye.

At Axendo, we provide diversified trade solutions in Türkiye and look forward to being a part of the country’s trade sector growth in the coming years.
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