Kenya Initiative

KENYA, 2019

A Little Angels Centre

Axendo’s support of the Little Angels Centre, an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, began in March 2019 and continues to grow as we offer increasing assistance to the children in their care.

The Little Angels Centre provides a home to children who have been orphaned, abandoned or placed in care due to abusive home environments.

Initially we provided support for the orphanage to rebuild and repair their premises, including renovating the dormitory, replacing all the broken windows, painting the walls and repairing any broken beds. The bathrooms were also fitted out with new and properly functioning taps and shower heads. In addition, we donated new mattresses, blankets, bedsheets and mackintoshes for the babies in its care.


Our Support

Rewardingly, Axendo also reached out into the wider community around the orphanage, engaging local labourers to help with the renovations and repairs and purchasing all the required items from small wholesalers in the community.

Now we are supporting the children of the Little Angels Centre by funding their education and paying the centre’s monthly electricity bill. A lack of funding for education has been a source of stress and underperformance for many of the centre’s children who possess a love of learning and bright plans for the future.

Axendo has already covered the fees of 8 students in their final year of school and hoping to enter university. We are continuing to sponsor more children through their education, enabling them to not only stay in school but to fulfil their ambition of going to university.

To date we have supported 2 university students and 7 high school students. In addition to this, 3 students we supported through to graduation are now employed and living independently.


Our Ongoing Projects

Axendo’s support of the orphanages in Senegal and Kenya began in 2018 and continues to grow as we offer increasing assistance to the children in their care.