Senegal Initiative


Mbour Orphanage

Axendo’s support of the Mbour Orphanage in Senegal began in June 2018 and remains an ongoing priority for us.

The Mbour orphanage is home to children from the ages of 0-12 years, many of whom have been abandoned by their families. It is subsidised by the government but has struggled to secure regular support to cover its basic needs.

As part of our initial support, Axendo helped to rebuild the orphanage, facilitating work on the dormitory and providing much-needed supplies, including bottled water, food, cleaning products, clothes, bedding and appliances.

Axendo continues to support the Mbour Orphanage with a monthly financial donation to cover the orphanage’s electricity bill. Axendo staff regularly visit the orphanage, bringing with them donations of goods and essential items.


Our Ongoing Projects

Axendo’s support of the orphanages in Senegal and Kenya began in 2018 and continues to grow as we offer increasing assistance to the children in their care.