Empowering global trade and driving value throughout the supply chain

Specialising in core Agricultural Commodities, Axendo empowers global trade and drives value throughout the supply chain.

Operating under our Novalis Agri company, Axendo has assembled top-tier talent to drive a fully comprehensive trading operation. Our mission is to partner with suppliers and seamlessly transport commodities from global supply hubs to areas where they are most needed.

Our Approach:

– We prioritise customer-centric solutions, ensuring value creation throughout the supply chain.

– With a network spanning three continents, we adeptly source and deliver agricultural commodities to destinations worldwide.

– In addition to facilitating the purchase and sale of agricultural commodities, we offer a suite of integrated support services within our group network, including shipping, logistics and credit solutions.

Through our commodities division, we’ve curated an international trading team specialising in core agricultural commodities, such as sugar, grains, pulses, and oils. Our expertise allows us to navigate the complexities of the market and deliver unparalleled service to our partners.

Join us on this path of growth and innovation within the commodities trading sector.

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