Axendo participated in GTR KSA

Axendo team, led by Richard Kovacs and Daniyar Abdimoldayev, welcomed the opportunity to participate in GTR KSA in Riyadh earlier this week.

With numerous market leaders in attendance, this year’s event provided invaluable insights into the Saudi Arabian trade, supply chain, commodity and infrastructure finance landscape.

Our team connected with industry leaders and potential partners, including Basheer Al-Yousha and Farhan Hussein Zaidi from The Saudi National Bank – SNB, and Adnan Sabir from BSF to discuss the latest market trends and collaboration opportunities.

Thank you to Global Trade Review (GTR) for organising such a successful event and providing a platform for networking and collaboration.

At Axendo, we leverage our extensive sector knowledge to deliver specialised services across various integrated businesses, including commodities, procurement, and tailored trade credit solutions.

Looking forward to continuing our engagement with the vibrant trade community in Saudi Arabia!

Supporting communities, enriching lives and respecting the environment

At Axendo, we value compassion and want to have a positive impact on the world around us. Our core values extend far beyond the boardroom as we strive to support and uplift communities while respecting the environment.

We believe it is our responsibility to make a difference and enrich the lives of people in our communities across the globe. We are ethically and environmentally considerate in our operations and uphold the highest partner standards. Our initiatives are growing year on year, reflecting our dedication to sponsoring worthy endeavours that offer us a chance to make a long-term commitment and a lasting difference.

Since 2018, Axendo has been proud to support the Mbour Orphanage in Senegal, and since 2019 – the Little Angels Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. These orphanages provide safe and caring homes to children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or placed in care due to abusive home environments.

Read more about these projects.

Our ongoing support has facilitated essential renovations, provided much-needed supplies, and funded educational opportunities for the children in these orphanages. Additionally, our offices collect clothes, toys and stationary items, which are then sent to the orphanages.

We firmly believe in the power of education to transform lives. Axendo has already covered the fees of 8 students in their final year of school, enabling them to pursue higher education and fulfil their dreams of attending university. Additionally, we are proud to support graduates as they transition into the workforce, empowering them to live independently and thrive in their communities.

Join us in making a difference!

Should you wish to suggest an initiative to support communities and enrich lives, please contact us.
Together, we can continue to create meaningful change and build a brighter future for all.

Axendo attends GTR West Africa in Lagos

Honoured to have Axendo’s Bulut Bakla and Adesola Fadahunsi among the participants at GTR West Africa in Lagos, Nigeria last week.

The event gathered top experts in West African trade, supply chain, export, and infrastructure financing, shedding light on the effects of a turbulent business environment on business flows in the region. GTR West Africa offered valuable insights into opportunities for growth as the trade sector adapts to changing global economic conditions and geopolitical factors.

In addition to the broader discussions on regional trade, the various panel discussions made considerable emphasis on the economic outlook of the conference host Nigeria. The common themes on the local economy were the measures taken by the new CBN Governor, which helped improve Nigeria’s monetary policy outlook; the strengthening of the Naira and the near-eradication of the dual FX-rate environment; the policymakers’ expectations that the persistently high inflation would start easing from Q3 onwards; and other positive contributors to the current optimism such as the favourable oil price outlook and the coming online of the Dangote Refinery. The same themes reverberated in our delegation’s individual meetings with clients and bank-counterparties in Lagos.

Axendo remains committed to supporting Africa’s ambitions by providing essential commodities and tailored trade credit solutions. We look forward to contributing to West Africa’s ongoing development and facilitating trade and infrastructure across the region.

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Providing additional Credit & Liquidity to our clients

Axendo specialises in crafting solutions that provide additional credit and liquidity to our partners across the supply chain.

Operating through our network offices in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Axendo possesses a team of international professionals with vast experience from leading trading, logistics and financial institutions across both developed and emerging markets.

Utilising our comprehensive sector knowledge, we offer specialised services across various integrated businesses, including agri and energy commodities, procurement and delivery of finished and semi-finished products. Integrating our commodities and procurement operations, our credit capabilities enable us to provide comprehensive financial solutions to our customers.

Axendo prides itself on delivering innovative credit structures that align with our customers’ cash conversion cycles.

We have extensive expertise in providing additional liquidity and financial structures that unlock potential for our global clients. Furthermore, many of our finished goods contracts qualify for support by Export Credit Agencies (ECA), allowing us to offer even longer-term credit options.

Contact Axendo today to explore partnership possibilities.

Offering a comprehensive turnkey, single-source Procurement Solutions

Offering a comprehensive turnkey, single-source Procurement Solution, complemented by tailored Credit Solutions.

At Axendo, Procurement and Supply is one of our core areas of expertise. Through our Procura Global brand, we offer global clients specialised multidisciplinary procurement and supply services, accompanied by credit facilities for added convenience.

Our procurement business is dedicated to providing clients with a turnkey, single-source procurement solutions, efficiently managing the supply and logistics process on a worldwide scale. With over 20 years of experience, our team has built long-term relationships with global suppliers, enabling us to source and supply a vast array of quality products, materials, equipment and customised solutions, including the most specialised items.

Our experienced procurement and commercial teams also tailor credit solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements, ensuring products and goods can be purchased on credit terms that align with their business cycles.

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Empowering global Energy Trade, delivering value to Suppliers and Customers

Axendo empowers global Energy Trade, delivering value to Suppliers and Customers in a timely manner.

Our energy trading company, Thexia Energy & Resources specialises in the trading of gasoil, gasoline and fuel oil.

Its activity is supported by an extensive geographical presence, well established relationships and adept handling of credit and risk. Situated strategically in the UAE, the Company has access to global energy markets and is positioned at the crossroads of Energy trade routes between Arabian Gulf, Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia.

Learn more about our Energy business here.

Our team of industry specialists builds strong partnerships with refineries, trading houses, and shipping companies. Committed to meeting all Client expectations, we develop and execute strategies that promptly deliver enhanced value in the dynamic world of trading.

Operating with a focus on responsibility and efficiency, our experienced staff ensures that trading activities are conducted with expertise and integrity, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted company in the industry.

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Ghana Business Outlook

Business Outlook of Ghana
Entering 2024 with optimism, Ghana anticipates continued economic stability, building on the positive trends of 2023 that marked a recovery from the challenges faced in 2022. In 2022, the Ghana cedi depreciated by 30% against the US$, mostly due to the over 50% depreciation in the second half of the year. The currency bounced back 2023 with a year-to-date depreciation of 15.57% to the US$ in the retail market, selling at 12.18% to the US$. The performance of the cedi in 2023 was largely influenced by a 3-year International Monetary Fund (IMF) program, where the country expects to receive US$600 million every six months.
Currency depreciation has paused, giving some respite to businesses and banks. The US$ sells at 12.58 in the retail market. In dealing with this problem the Bank of Ghana has opened a window for downstream petroleum companies who are the biggest patronisers of US$ to a forward rate option, to help manage the currency. Fitch solutions forecast that the Ghanaian economy will expand by 3.5% in 2024, up from a weak 2.7% in 2023, driven by stronger private consumption. Inflation will moderate substantially in 2024 – due to statistical base effects and stronger exchange rate dynamics, which will ease financial pressure on households and drive-up domestic consumption. Inflation will stay elevated throughout 2024 (Allianz). Prices rose sharply in late 2022, hitting +54% year-on-year in December 2022 and remained elevated throughout 2023, closing the year at around 23%.
Ghana expects to reach a debt-relief deal in the coming weeks from its official creditors to qualify for further disbursements under the US$3Bn International Monetary Fund loan program. The positive outlook of the country could be influenced by the surge in the prices of cocoa, gold and oil & gas.
Cocoa futures prices have surged by more than $1,000 or nearly 40% since the start of the year to hit an all-time high of $5,874 per metric ton, as bad weather conditions hammer crop yields in West Africa. The gold price in the world market has already surpassed $2,000, currently trading at a spot price of $2,029.
Further to the gains made by the country in cocoa, gold and oil and the agreement with the foreign bond holders, Ghana has recently discovered lithium and secured its first-ever lithium lease agreement with Lithium Atlantic, an Australian mining firm, for a project in the Central Region of Ghana. Under the arrangement, the Government of Ghana is entitled to a 13% free carried interest in the project.
The year 2024 also marks a key milestone in the political landscape of Ghana, as the country goes to polls to elect a new President and Members of Parliament in December. There are already discussions to bring the election forward to November to help manage the difficulties that plague the country during elections whenever there is a run-off. How this proposal is managed by the Electoral Commission of Ghana and other political stakeholders will be key in the countdown to the election.
To learn more about Ghana Economic outlook read our Axendo – PangeaRisk repost for Ghana 2023.
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Kenya Business Outlook

Kenya’s Economic Outlook

The Kenyan economy is projected to grow at 6% this year with inflation levels expected to be at 5.9%. The shilling has significantly strengthened in the last few weeks, with further indications of stabilisation in the near future.
Importers have been adversely affected by the shilling depreciation as it has resulted in the cost of goods going up and a squeeze on sales. This coupled with the cost of borrowing from banks going up has slowed down business activities.
Where we had previously observed an Extended Import Credit Facility supporting businesses in the country, this has significantly slowed down due to uncertainty in the exchange rates following the collapse of the hedging market.
As a result, businesses have opted to pay for their goods upfront to avoid incurring substantial losses on deferred payment terms.
Recently the government has paid part of the due amount for the $2Bn Euro bond, which matures in June this year by raising another bond and currently the outstanding amount is $600M.
The World Bank and IMF have continued to support the Kenyan government to shore up its liquidity and meet its financial obligations and have committed to continued support for the government.
We expect this to increase investors’ confidence in Kenya, which in the long run will support the shilling through dollar inflows in the form of direct investments. This will in turn spur the economy to grow at the projected levels.
More information about Kenya economic situation is also available in Axendo – PangeaRisk report 2023.
If you’re keen on discovering more about other African countries, the Business Outlook is also accessible for Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria.

Nigeria Business Outlook

The Nigerian economy and the future of Trade Finance

The Nigerian economy has been in a dismal state since 1999. The country’s foreign currency reserves have not grown as aggressively as projected and the economy is yet to diversify its foreign currency generation sources from its 100% reliance on crude oil proceeds. The country is still grappling with large external debt and has maintained a very poor debt to revenue ratio in recent years. The World Bank reported that in 2022, Nigeria spent 96.3% of revenue on debt servicing, this was a rise from 83.2% in 2021. However, the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) issued its 2023 figure showing a debt to revenue drop to 66.9%, largely driven by Government’s reforms introduced in May 2023.

Axendo team had the privilege to attend GTR MENA

What a fantastic turnout at GTR MENA this week!
Our Axendo team, including Bulut Bakla, Daniyar Abdimoldayev, Richard Kovacs, Yuliya Tsoy and Bilal Ahmed Vohra had the privilege of attending the conference in Dubai.

With discussions covering critical market insights and the invaluable support of leading financial institutions, this year’s GTR MENA provided an eagerly awaited opportunity to network and engage with industry leaders, peers and potential clients.

The event showcased the thriving nature of the Middle East, and we anticipate witnessing dynamic growth within the region’s trade, commodity and trade credit sectors.

It was truly rewarding to reconnect with numerous representatives from the region, including Alicia Ellmann and Carmichael Chui from Nedbank, Zahed Ali Mohammed from The Access Bank UK Limited and Joaquin Esteves Eliason from Barclays.

Through our group offices in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Axendo delivers specialist solutions and activities across a range of integrated businesses in agricultural commodities, sourcing and procurement of finished and semi-finished products, together with tailored solutions in trade credit.

Thank you, Global Trade Review (GTR) and Peter Gubbins, for organising such a valuable event. We eagerly look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and growth.