Providing additional Credit & Liquidity to our clients

Axendo specialises in crafting solutions that provide additional credit and liquidity to our partners across the supply chain.

Operating through our network offices in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Axendo possesses a team of international professionals with vast experience from leading trading, logistics and financial institutions across both developed and emerging markets.

Utilising our comprehensive sector knowledge, we offer specialised services across various integrated businesses, including agri and energy commodities, procurement and delivery of finished and semi-finished products. Integrating our commodities and procurement operations, our credit capabilities enable us to provide comprehensive financial solutions to our customers.

Axendo prides itself on delivering innovative credit structures that align with our customers’ cash conversion cycles.

We have extensive expertise in providing additional liquidity and financial structures that unlock potential for our global clients. Furthermore, many of our finished goods contracts qualify for support by Export Credit Agencies (ECA), allowing us to offer even longer-term credit options.

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