Honoured to have Axendo’s Bulut Bakla and Adesola Fadahunsi among the participants at GTR West Africa in Lagos, Nigeria last week.

The event gathered top experts in West African trade, supply chain, export, and infrastructure financing, shedding light on the effects of a turbulent business environment on business flows in the region. GTR West Africa offered valuable insights into opportunities for growth as the trade sector adapts to changing global economic conditions and geopolitical factors.

In addition to the broader discussions on regional trade, the various panel discussions made considerable emphasis on the economic outlook of the conference host Nigeria. The common themes on the local economy were the measures taken by the new CBN Governor, which helped improve Nigeria’s monetary policy outlook; the strengthening of the Naira and the near-eradication of the dual FX-rate environment; the policymakers’ expectations that the persistently high inflation would start easing from Q3 onwards; and other positive contributors to the current optimism such as the favourable oil price outlook and the coming online of the Dangote Refinery. The same themes reverberated in our delegation’s individual meetings with clients and bank-counterparties in Lagos.

Axendo remains committed to supporting Africa’s ambitions by providing essential commodities and tailored trade credit solutions. We look forward to contributing to West Africa’s ongoing development and facilitating trade and infrastructure across the region.

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