Axendo believes in living our values. Last month, we held our annual company offsite event bringing together 45 of our colleagues from around the world to collaborate in a five-day program integrating training, teambuilding and strategy. The purpose of our company offsite was to Ignite the Future through our Axendo strategy and achieve excellence in 2023, all underlined by our value of ‘’Working Together’’.

Together we are shaping the future of trade in business. We have incredible people in the organisation and collectively there should be no limits to what we can achieve.

Our culture is one of possibilities where everyone is empowered to achieve success. We are committed to creating a strong foundation of connection and communications within the workforce through these events.

Working for Axendo means to innovate, accelerate and escalate to new horizons. We value ambition, integrity, passion, determination, and a positive attitude.

Our thanks goes out to all of the incredible team at Axendo and our facilitators Krysta Fox, Stephan Melchior and Robert Day for embracing our vision and creating such an impactful week.