At Axendo, we are inspired to see that Turkey remains a major partner for Europe in terms of economic relations

Our Axendo Directors Merve ÖZEN, and Bartu Utku were invited to attend the 39th Turkish Banks Event in Frankfurt which was sponsored by Turkish banks’ European subsidiaries based in Germany, Netherlands and Austria.

Supported by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, this was a celebration of the Turkish banks’ successful presence in Europe for so many decades. According to the European Commission, Turkey is the EU’s 6th biggest trade partner, representing 3.6% of the EU’s total trade in goods with the world in 2020.

Speeches were given by Yavuz Yeter, Executive Director of Central Bank of Turkey Republic, and Erdem Tunçer, Consul General of Turkey for Frankfurt. It was an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry peers and hear senior leaders support key topics impacting our markets.

Thank you for organising such an impressive event and for supporting the region’s cross-border trade and infrastructure financing market.