Empowering global Energy Trade, delivering value to Suppliers and Customers

Axendo empowers global Energy Trade, delivering value to Suppliers and Customers in a timely manner.

Our energy trading company, Thexia Energy & Resources specialises in the trading of gasoil, gasoline and fuel oil.

Its activity is supported by an extensive geographical presence, well established relationships and adept handling of credit and risk. Situated strategically in the UAE, the Company has access to global energy markets and is positioned at the crossroads of Energy trade routes between Arabian Gulf, Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia.

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Our team of industry specialists builds strong partnerships with refineries, trading houses, and shipping companies. Committed to meeting all Client expectations, we develop and execute strategies that promptly deliver enhanced value in the dynamic world of trading.

Operating with a focus on responsibility and efficiency, our experienced staff ensures that trading activities are conducted with expertise and integrity, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted company in the industry.

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