Igniting Minds Training: embracing innovation to drive growth through Digital Marketing

Igniting Minds is the Axendo training activity that embodies our values of Excellence and Working Together by giving staff the opportunity to share experiences and learn from one another.

Thanks to Camilla d’Abo and Yuliia Mitiukova for today’s session which provided valuable insights into embracing innovation to drive growth through Digital Marketing.

There is no denying that the data revolution is upon us. Many of the world’s leading businesses are adopting new digital channels to improve business results.
With a team of over 40 specialists in global markets, international trade and supply chain, Axendo prides itself in possessing in-depth knowledge in products, activities and solutions across a range of integrated businesses. In addition to our external L&D trainings, we want to give new pathways to gain knowledge, enhance skills, and increase competency.