Axendo sponsors GTR East Africa in Nairobi

At Axendo we are committed to supporting Africa achieve its ambitions by supplying much needed commodities and providing turnkey procurement services with tailored trade credit solutions.
Yesterday Axendo sponsored the GTR East Africa’s conference held in Nairobi, bringing together the region’s leading commodity producers, traders, manufacturers and trade finance specialists.
Speakers at the event debated the recent currency liquidity and sovereign debt sustainability challenges, and signalled the need for specialised credit solutions to bolster the region’s trade, commodity and infrastructure goals. 
Attending the conference, Simon Mwangi from Axendo Kenya met with key representatives to discuss diversified trade initiatives across the public and private sector, and the provision of solutions to deliver regional projects on credit terms in order to alleviate temporary liquidity constraints.
Through our group network of offices in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Axendo provides a team of international professionals with experience from many of the world’s leading trading, logistics and financial institutions in both developed and emerging markets.
By applying our in-depth sector knowledge, we deliver specialist solutions and activities across a range of integrated businesses in agricultural commodities, sourcing and procurement of finished and semi-finished products, together with tailored solutions in trade credit.