Health & Wellness

Continuing Our Focus on Health and Wellness

In March, we had the chance of hosting a webinar led by Dr. Rebecca Steingiesser, on the topic of mental health in the workplace. Dr. Steingiesser’s presentation, “Your Mind Matters,” emphasized the importance of mental health, common mental health disorders, and practical self-care strategies.


  • Understanding Mental Health: Dr. Steingiesser defined mental health as a state of well-being where individuals can realize their potential, cope with normal stresses, work productively, and contribute to their communities. She highlighted the difference between mental health and mental ill-health, noting that mental health involves positive capacities like social and emotional well-being, while mental ill-health includes conditions like depression, anxiety, and burnout.
  • The Role of Self-Care: Self-care was a major focus, with Dr. Steingiesser discussing its benefits, challenges, and practical examples. She emphasized that self-care is not just about occasional relaxation but involves regular activities that enhance energy, restore health, and reduce stress. Techniques such as mindfulness, gratitude, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle across mental, physical, and social health were recommended.
As we continue our commitment to health and wellness, we are excited to announce our next webinar, which will focus on nutrition. Scheduled for the first half of June (exact date TBC), this session will feature a professional nutritionist who will discuss the importance of healthy eating.

What to Expect:
  • Healthy Eating Tips: Practical advice on how to incorporate nutritious foods into your daily diet.
  • Nutrition Myths and Facts: The nutritionist will address common misconceptions and provide clarity on fads and misinformation circulating in the media.
  • Q&A Session: An opportunity to ask questions and get specific advice.
This webinar aims to empower you with the knowledge to make healthier food choices and understand the impact of nutrition on overall well-being.
We look forward to your participation in this session!