Offering a comprehensive turnkey, single-source Procurement Solutions

Offering a comprehensive turnkey, single-source Procurement Solution, complemented by tailored Credit Solutions.

At Axendo, Procurement and Supply is one of our core areas of expertise. Through our
Procura Global brand, we offer global clients specialised multidisciplinary procurement and supply services, accompanied by credit facilities for added convenience.

Our procurement business is dedicated to providing clients with a turnkey, single-source procurement solutions, efficiently managing the supply and logistics process on a worldwide scale. With over 20 years of experience, our team has built long-term relationships with global suppliers, enabling us to source and supply a vast array of quality products, materials, equipment and customised solutions, including the most specialised items.

Our experienced procurement and commercial teams also tailor credit solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements, ensuring products and goods can be purchased on credit terms that align with their business cycles.

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