Adesola Fadahunsi will be guest speaker at the upcoming GTR Lagos

We are pleased to announce Adesola Fadahunsi will be guest speaker at the upcoming GTR Lagos, Nigeria on 26-27 April. As one of a distinguished speaker panel alongside Steven Gray OBE from UK Export Finance and Kayode Oladipo from Clifford Chance, Adesola will take part in expert-led discussions assessing impact of West Africa sovereign debt and the increasing importance of DFI and ECA support to maintain regional infrastructure development.
Currently demand for trade products in West Africa is continuing to increase. However, a major limitation is access to financing products and solutions to effectively improve the trade business.
At Axendo, our trade credit solutions supports corporate businesses with extended credit to strengthen their cash flow, and procurement solutions to source best-in-class products for their businesses. Our group also provides financing structures for pre-export which would be beneficial to all exporters.
By applying our in-depth sector knowledge, we deliver specialist services and activities across a range of integrated businesses in agricultural commodities, sourcing and procurement of finished and semi-finished products, together with tailored solutions in trade credit.
Serving markets through our network offices in #Africa,  #Europe and the #MiddleEastAxendo provides a team of international trade professionals with experience from many of the world’s leading trading, logistics and financial institutions in both developed and emerging markets.

Adesola Fadahunsi, is Axendo‘s Business Development Manager, driving our banking relationships, credit solutions services and procurement capabilities in Nigeria.