Axendo supports Little Angels Orphanage in Kenya

Axendo operates on core values that extend beyond the boardroom. Our mission is to ignite potential for all through trade and make a difference to the lives of people in our communities across the globe.

We are extremely proud to be a sponsor of the Little Angels Orphanage, which is located 104 km from Nairobi, Kenya. We believe it is our responsibility to support charities around the world by making a long-term commitment and a lasting difference.

Axendo has been supporting the Little Angels Orphanage since 2019 and is responsible for paying annual school fees, and regularly bringing food and other donations.

Currently there 10 students in High School and one in University that Axendo is supporting.

Last month Axendo staff Simon MwangiHannah Muhia and Fiona Ingolo traveled to the center to visit the children and distribute a selection of necessary cleaning, food and back to school items.

90kgs maize, 90kgs beans, 50kgs green gram, 50kgs rice 20 kgs millet, 24 kgs wheat flour 15kgs sugar.

20 liters cooking oil, 2 dozens of long-life milk,5 packets of tea leaves.

Toothpaste, soap, petroleum jelly, tissue papers.

Diapers, laundry detergent, general disinfectant liquid, medicated bar soap for babies as well as snacks and soft drink.

Thanks to all of the team working at Little Angels Orphanage. We celebrate your dedication to these activities that have a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy.